Members’ Portal (Beacon)

Berwick u3a’s administration of membership records is done via the online system Beacon.

Members can make changes to personal data such as name, postal or email address and telephone number by logging on here. You will need to input the following :

– Membership Number
– Forename
– Surname
– Postcode
– Email address

and these need to match exactly the information held on the database. The system is case sensitive, so normally only the first letter of the Forename and Surname should be in capitals. In particular:

– Forename must begin with a capital letter followed by small letters. If you have used a shortened version of your forename when registering, then remember to use this.

– Surname must begin with a capital letter followed by small letters.

– Email must be the email address that you previously provided to us.

Please also ensure there are no spaces before or after each of the name fields. Do not use autofill to complete the fields. This can introduce unwanted spaces.

If you have forgotten your membership number, please use the contact form (on Contact Us page) to email our Beacon Administrator or Membership Secretary.

Update your personal details:
Once you have successfully logged on, using this option you can update your postal or email addresses and phone number.
Don’t forget to click on Update Personal Details at the bottom of the screen after you have made your amendments. There is no requirement to provide an answer to the security question or upload a photo.