Word Games

This group meets at 2-4pm at King James’ Court on the first Monday of the month. The group will always meet following an Open Meeting, so where Open Meetings are moved because of a bank holiday, this group will also move.

Many of us enjoyed playing word games as children and probably played the same games with our own children. Word games usually last only minutes (often timed) rather than some longer board games, so there is time for plenty of variety. Word games are also very good for memory.

We have a list of over 20 possible games, including Panagrams, Lexicant, Word Squares, Alphabet games, Word Ladders, Word Bulls and Cows, Sexy Taxi, speed scrabble etc. How about memory games which don’t involve any writing? or Who Am I? There are always more games we could try and members are encouraged to suggest their own favourites.

Word Games are gently competitive and we always have fun and lots of laughter.

For more information, contact Group Leader via the Contact form on this page

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