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Berwick on Tweed u3a Art Appreciation Group Overview

You don’t need to be an artist or have any knowledge of art to appreciate art! You might even find that sometimes you don’t like all the images we look at together, though we hope some will hit the spot! But we all have different views which we collectively respect and cherish. ‘The Art Appreciation Group’ enjoys lively discussions on the various artists and art works that make up our annual programme. While looking at art together, we hope to broaden our knowledge, perhaps challenge our individual perceptions and generally increase our understanding and love of art.

Our programme runs monthly [3rd Thursday 10-1130 in St Aidan’s Back Hall], usually from October to June. It’s made up of presentations, ‘Bring and Share’ around an agreed theme and gallery visits when possible. We share the cost of the hall, about £1.00-£1.50 each.

Refreshments: at the moment it’s “Bring Your Own Refreshment” [BYOR!] so bring a drink, fill your flask and bring a snack! Doing this means we save both money and time [time to enjoy more art]! This season we’ll have a dedicated break to enjoy a chat over our cups of tea/coffee/hot chocolate/hobnobs etc.


Dear Art Appreciation Group members, once again we can look forward to an exciting programme of art for our shared viewing over the Autumn, Winter and Spring season!

As you will see below, we have arranged an interesting and eclectic variety of presentations to enjoy. In addition, by request from several members, we are including Bring and Share for some meetings!

For those new to the group this is how Bring and Share works: some weeks before the meeting a topic is chosen. For example, past topics include ‘Trees’, ‘Food and Drink’ and ‘Winter’. Topics are chosen from members’ suggestions. Each participating member chooses an image of a painting or art work relating to the topic and prepares a paragraph or so of description which can be read out in the meeting. On the day, people bring along their image [eg a painting in an art book or a digital image printed out as an A4]. Some have even brought a painting off their wall! Traditionally we have kept Bring and Share as a ‘no-tech’ meeting, preferring to sit in a circle and pass round the image.

While everyone is invited to participate it’s fine to come along, look, listen and enjoy. However, we do need about 10 willing members with their images and ‘descriptive blurb’. And if you’d prefer someone else to read out your ‘description’ and lead the discussion about your image, that’s fine too. Some wonderful art has been found using this format. I am happy to send past examples by email [please just ask]!

Refreshments! – For the past year, our policy has been to bring your own refreshments. We can rethink this but bear in mind that we would need to hire the hall for an extra half hour and pay for the kitchen use [so the cost per person goes up!] plus have a teas/coffees rota, buy milk etc. All in all it’s an extra half hour. We can try having a dedicated break, using our own drinks/snacks.

Help is always appreciated! – Some members help by setting out the room. Others offer to do a presentation. And I’d welcome someone to set up the laptop and projector for our presenters. But your presence as an appreciative audience is still very much welcomed! Not everyone has access to the necessary technology that is usually [though not always] behind the presentations. Though if you feel you’d like to have a go at doing a presentation or make a single image, then friendly help is available!

u3a Art Appreciation Programme October 2023-June 2024 (Note – This is a working programme and may change!):

October 19th – Welcome to the group! Revisiting ‘Freedom!’ a slide-show of images, and discussion, compiled in ‘Lockdown’, this time on the ‘big screen’!

November 16th – ‘The Art that is Coventry Cathedral’ – a non-technical presentation by group member Allyson Lewis.

December 21st – ‘Art in Growing Fruit and Flowers’ – In Part 1 we plan to have a short presentation of garden themed paintings. Part 2 will be a well regarded photo montage of Berwick Lions House Allotments [compiled and presented by Annie Watt, group member].

January 18th – ‘Studio Ceramics – early 20th Century onwards’ by group member and potter Elaine Paterson. At the time of programme compilation, it is planned that a well known local pottery family will join us and tell us about their life’s work.

February 15th – ‘Bring and Share’ – Topic to be decided [suggestions to Lesley please!] This meeting may swap with January.

March 21st – ‘British /Surrealism!’ – Presentation by group member Carole Lawrence

April 18th – ‘The Development of 20th Century Aboriginal Art onwards’ by group member Trudy Gray.

May 16th – ‘Bring and Share’ – Topic to be decided [suggestions to Lesley please!] or Presentation to be confirmed.

June 20th – ‘The Art of Piers Browne’ by group member Dr June Neilson.

In addition we may arrange group visits to local galleries.


Meetings are usually on the 3rd Thursday 10.00-11.30 – venue St Aidan’s Hall.

There is a link to the Art UK website on this page; it’s very good for browsing.

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