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Insurance Matters: The Third Age Trust (TAT) covers u3a members for some insurable eventualities. Details can be found on its website and there are links at the end of this paragraph. Please note that you will need to register with the Trust in order to sign in & see this information. (If you click on the link, a Register / Sign in box will appear so you can create a TAT account then). Cover Note, Policy and Frequently Asked Questions

Incident Report Form

: Guidance for group leaders


There is, as yet, no formal policy on car-sharing. However on the Third Age Trust’s website, the Insurance FAQs section contains the following Q&A:

7.2 Can u3a members offer lifts to other members and accept money towards
petrol costs without compromising their car insurance policy?
Yes. But it is recommended that this is done as an informal arrangement between members.


Reasonable travel expenses may be claimed using the attached Claim Form.


The u3a provides a number of Risk Assessment templates, to suit various situations, and there are links to these below. They are to help you identify any risks which might be applicable to your group activity, & to provide a means of recording the mitigation strategy you’ve adopted.
The documents are in pdf format, ready for printing once opened on your screen. But if you’d prefer to fill in one (or more) of them online (eg, in order to email it to someone), please ask the Secretary – via our Contact Us page – to send you an editable copy.

There is also a Member’s Checklist, which is to help each member to complete their own personal risk assessment. It is not the responsibility of the Group Leader to do this (nor to see that it is done).

Risk Assessment – Day Trip

Risk Assessment – Holiday Travel

Risk Assessment – Home-based group

Risk Assessment – Online-based group

Risk Assessment – Outdoor Sporting

Risk Assessment – FAQs

Risk Assessment – Venue-based group

Risk Assessment – Walk Leader

Risk Assessment – Workshop Activity

Guidance for trip organisers (courtesy of Ravenshead u3a)

Guidance for accidents & emergencies on trips (courtesy of Ravenshead u3a)